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When we first started at
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Recognition is the
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About Us
JUMBO’s Corporate Social Responsibility
JUMBO Care, our corporate social responsibility programme, is committed to making a positive impact on the community in which we serve. We develop supporting programmes and goodwill projects in the areas of education and community welfare. Here are some of the projects we have organised in recent years:
  1. VIVA Foundation for children with cancer
    To support the Singapore-based charity which focuses on saving lives of children with cancer through research, medical care and education.
  2. UOB Chinese New Year Charity
    To support the needy and disadvantaged in the community.
  3. Thong Kheng Welfare Services Society
    To provide shelter and care to healthy adults with disabilities who are in need of such services and give these people a better quality of life and to relieve the burden on their family members.
  4. Bukit Timah CCC CDWF & Joo Chiat CCC
    To encourage nation development through donation to GRCs.
  5. Singapore Polytechnic (Tri-City Program)
    To sponsor students for mission trips to 3 different countries.
  1. Stoke Support Station Ltd
    To provide support for stroke survivors, their caregivers, volunteers, professionals and the public by providing innovative programmes, support services, education and training.
  2. Nam Hwa Opera Ltd & Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan (Teochew Festival)
    To preserve and promote Teochew traditions, culture and heritage.
  3. Singapore Management University (“SMU”) Bursary Fund
    To support needy students at SMU, enabling them to enroll in a degree programme of their choice and inspiring them to strive for excellence in their pursuit of an all- rounded education.
  4. Singapore Institute Of Technology “Jumbo Group Book Prize in F&B Management”
    To groom and reward future F&B talent through recognition of outstanding performance.
  5. Temasek Polytechnic, Applied Food Science and Nutrition (Food Service Operations) Graduation Prize
    To recognize students with outstanding performance.