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Recognition is the
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About Us
The JUMBO Profile
Our Beginning
JUMBO Group began with the inception of JUMBO Seafood, a Singapore-style seafood restaurant, in 1987. Best known for its chilli and black pepper crabs, the company has evolved over the years and now offers multiple diverse Asian dining experiences, serving more than 8,000 diners daily.
The logo featuring the distinctive JUMBO name and the Chinese character for food “食” within the letter “O” is renowned among locals and tourists. “食” represents the Group’s core business and the letter “O” also a visual representation of a circle “圆”, symbolises the traditional Chinese values of togetherness. Bringing to mind a typical Chinese dining setting, this design of “食” within the letter “O” uniquely illustrates the JUMBO’s philosophy of “Bonding People Through Food”.

The Group has retained the original name throughout its expansion over the years due to its high brand recognition and the warm feeling of nostalgia which has come to be associated with it, always remaining true to the essence of the brand.
Who We Are
From a single seafood restaurant, the company has grown to over 20 restaurants in Singapore, China and Japan. We currently offer multiple dining concepts catering to the discerning palates of local and overseas gastronomes. A central kitchen was set up in 2008 at our corporate headquarters to achieve consistency in food quality and to conduct research and development on new dishes.
JUMBO Group Vision, Mission and Values
To be the leading innovative F&B group advocating Singapore food culture.
To provide quality food and services at great value in a comfortable and friendly environment.
Corporate Values:
PRIDE - Passion, Respect, Integrity, Diligence, Excellence
Brand Tagline:
Bonding people through food
Our Brands And Outlets
JUMBO Seafood Singapore: 6
Shanghai: 3
Fuzhou: 1
Xiamen: 1
Nanjing: 1
Hainan: 1
Taipei: 1
Seoul: 1
Bangkok: 2
Ho Chi Minh: 3
Ha Noi: 1
Phnom Penh: 1
JUMBO SignaturesSingapore: 1
Chui Huay Lim Teochew CuisineSingapore: 1
Zui Yu Xuan Teochew CuisineSingapore: 1
Chao TingSingapore: 1
NG AH SIO Bak Kut Teh Singapore: 2
Hainan: 1
Kok Kee Wonton NoodleSingapore: 7
Lau Lim Mee PokSingapore: 1
Tsui WahSingapore: 4
Mutiara Seafood Singapore: 1
Singapore Seafood Republic Japan: 2
Our People
At JUMBO, people are our most valuable assets. Our comprehensive human resource programme identifies and advances talented individuals who merit recognition. Our fast-track programme promotes qualified wait staff to supervisory level within two years instead of the usual three to five years. Rewards, benefits and welfare are also put in place to motivate employees to strive for excellence.
As of today, JUMBO Group employs a total of over 700 service and management staff.
Corporate Social Responsibility
We believe that every company plays a role in supporting the community. JUMBO Care, our corporate social responsibility programme, is committed to making a positive impact on the community in which we serve. We develop supporting programmes and goodwill projects in the areas of education and community welfare.
Address & Contacts
Block 4 Kaki Bukit Avenue 1 #03-08
Kaki Bukit Industrial Estate Singapore 417939

Tel: 626 JUMBO (626 58626)
Fax: 6749 4955