Working At JUMBO

Our staff are our greatest
brand assets and brand ambassadors

The mastermind behind our
signature dishes

Be the reason someone
smiles today

Food isn’t just my passion,
food is my life

Our People
Working at Jumbo
Our actions directly affect customers' experience. That's why we have fundamental values to guide us in our daily affairs. At JUMBO, we take PRIDE in our values, our food, our heritage, and our creation. And we PRIDE ourselves on bringing them to our customers.
Our work culture revolves around JUMBO's PRIDE values: We are passionate, show respect for others, maintain integrity, practice diligence and aim for excellence.
We are Passionate in delighting customers, enthusiastic in our service and excited about our food.
We show Respect or one another through our behaviours, communications and practices to strengthen teamwork.
We maintain Integrity by promoting transparency, honesty and delivering what we promised.
We practice Diligence through hard work and discipline in order to deliver quality and achieve success.
We aim for Excellence in all we do through continuous learning and innovation.